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Tailored and customer-first communication: you will always have direct access to the Digital Software Labs team. We are ready to help when you need us and to find a solution that works for you.

Proven Hiring

Our approach to hiring is backed by 15 years of in-house experience successfully recruiting and onboarding senior engineers. Digital Software Labs’s tech leads participate actively in the qualification process, ensuring the professionalism of each candidate for you.

Trustful And
Reliable Partner

We have helped our clients launch hundreds of projects successfully. Digital Software Labs’s management team is located in Silicon Valley at the forefront of innovations and technologies, ensuring the best expertise for your projects.

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How it works


Requirements collecting

Diffco initially researches the requirements for the team members you need. We learn about your company in detail – your corporate values, policies, and procedures – to find you the best possible candidates.


Selecting candidates

All candidates will be scored and verified before your interview to make sure they match your requirements and can add significant value to your team.


Digital Software Labs interview process

All candidates will be scored and verified before your interview to make sure they match your requirements and can add significant value to your team.


Client interview process

When candidates are qualified by our team, we send you their profiles and arrange a meeting with them. Diffco will be involved in this process to monitor it, collect feedback, and make adjustments if needed.


Hiring and onboarding

After you approve the candidates, the Diffco team will help with hiring and onboarding. You can expect minimum paperwork and an easy process no matter where the candidate is.


Performance review and monitoring

After the candidate has started working, Diffco will check in with you periodically to assess the performance of the hired professional and ensure your satisfaction with their work. If necessary, Diffco will provide you with a replacement promptly.

Why Digital Software Labs

Short and Long-Term Contracts

Seamlessly augment your in-house team on either a temporary or permanent basis through our flexible model. Whether your project is short-term or long-term, we offer tailored solutions to meet all your requirements.

Fast and Easy Hiring

Our hiring process is transparent and streamlined from project initiation through to its successful completion. Digital Software Labs will cover hiring, onboarding, replacements, communications, and paperwork.

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees. You only pay a monthly salary for each hired candidate according to their hourly rates.

Free replacement

Ensure seamless project progress with the option to replace any team member to better align with your evolving needs, all at no extra cost.

Direct Communication

Enjoy direct communication with your extended team without intermediaries. Schedule calls, standups, and meetings at your convenience – just as you would onsite.

Dedicated account manager

Digital Software Labs ensures seamless communication by assigning you a dedicated account manager to facilitate interactions with both candidates and hired personnel.

Share your requirements to get the first relevant CVs.

Benefits of our IT Staff Augmentation Services


You can begin by hiring individual developers for the short term and scale up your development team as needed. Easily scale down your extended team when the project is completed.

Rapid Candidate

If any hired candidate doesn't meet your expectations, we will arrange a replacement to ensure your needs are met without delay.

Switch any candidate to in-house

If you like a candidate and prefer having this person in-house, Digital Software Labs can provide you with such an option.

Outstaffing vs In-house

Silicon Valley location

Located in Silicon Valley, Digital Software Labs is at the forefront of technology and innovation, offering unparalleled insights and access to cutting-edge solutions that drive our clients’ success in the fast-evolving digital landscape.

Technical stack and
Augmented Teams option












React Native

Objective C






React Native












Google Cloud

Don't see the tech stack you are looking for? No worries!

Our team has experience finding candidates for custom requirements and various tech stacks. Please contact us, and let's find you a perfect candidate.

Our Client’s Success Stories

3 Years of Collaboration

“The Digital Software Labs team studied FlashGrid’s
product and marketing strategy to
make sure all of our requirements
were addressed“

Razvan Spatariu

Senior Software Engineering Manager at Multiverse

Funding & Investment

Multiverse Secures $220M in Series D Funding

Funding & Investment

Multiverse Secures $220M in Series D Funding

Asked Questions

How long does it take to fill the role?
The time to fill a role can vary depending on factors like complexity and candidate availability; but we typically find the right candidate within 1-2 weeks.
Can we provide staffing solutions for both long and short-term?
Yes, we can provide staffing solutions for both long and short-term needs.
Can the client interview and test developers?
Sure! The client is welcome to interview the developer after the formal cycle of interviews with our team.
How will the client communicate with the developers?
Clients have direct access to developers, ensuring clear and efficient communication throughout the project.
How does the pricing work?
Pricing is determined by the hourly rate of the selected engineers for your project.
Can the client hire just one developer?
Yes, you can hire as many or as few developers as you need for your project.
Can we hire the developer in-house?
Yes, we can arrange to hire developers in-house, and we have a streamlined process for facilitating this.
What happens if the clients are not satisfied with the developer?
If clients are unsatisfied with the developer, we will promptly find a replacement to ensure their needs are met.

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